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Began as a single proprietorship in 1992 and came to be known as an established company that handles concert production, product launches, audio and video production, music production and management of corporate events.

November 1996, the company was trusted to be responsible for the high technology and set-up of broadcast facility of a landmark event ASIA PACIFIC ECONOMIC COOPERATION (APEC) that has drawn together important international political leaders including U.S President Bill Clinton. Due to the growth in business operation and other business opportunities, Twenty Plus Management and Production was incorporated in May 30, 2001 and became known as BEGINNINGS AT TWENTY PLUS INC. Since then, it has expanded its operations providing services to various companies in the field of production and broadcasting. It became one of the first private companies in the country to ever use a wide array of state-of-the-art production and post-production equipment that combines sheer precision and absolute uniqueness and creativity producing high-quality results.


Beginnings at Twenty Plus, Inc. adheres to the principle of excellence and quality in achieving A-1 results by utilizing state-of-the-art technology. We expand our loyal and enduring customer base by addressing our client's needs better and faster. By providing our clients the strategic and tactical advantage through product and service innovation we consistently achieve outstanding results, reaching its full potential - from the grain of an idea to execution of media concepts that can stand alongside the best in the world. We are dedicated in fostering an exciting and rewarding workplace that attracts, motivates and recognizes superior performance from its human resources that in turn inspires breakthrough ideas.


Beginnings at Twenty Plus, Inc. aims to be the most sought-after media services provider enthusiastically delivering solid business value, taking pride and driven to exceed clients' expectations with utmost proficiency, expertise, knowledge and imagination.


Taking responsibility for QUALITY and PRODUCTIVITY...

We pay constant attention to the continuous, measured improvement of all processes. Quality is our signature, and we take pride in everything we do.

Acting with INTEGRITY...

We value our company reputation, thus, we perform duties with integrity, sincerity and transparency, striving to institutionalize the discipline, processes and methodologies that offer us the greatest reliability and quality of experience.


We are focused on taking care of our client's best interest to ensure that we deliver the most effective level of service, innovative solutions that attract more business opportunities to new and existing clients. Complete client satisfaction is the key performance indicator that is crucial to our success.

Providing LEADERSHIP and valuing our PEOPLE...

We recognize that we contribute to one another’s growth. We share the drive through imagination and enthusiasm believing that our company’s potentials are unlimited. We treat one another with respect and trust, and lead through competence, creativity and teamwork.

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